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About the Center

Under the direction of D. Nancy Chrystal-Green, Student Activities and Involvement and The David and Wanda Brown Center for Leadership and Service are excited to integrate our shared missions of providing the foundations for students to maximize their UF experience.

The David and Wanda Brown Center for Leadership and Service provides the structure and resources to prepare students to become productive citizens and assume roles of leadership and service in a culturally diverse and increasingly complex society. The Center fosters lifelong service and civic participation by engaging the University with its greater community in action, change and learning, and was founded on basic concepts of integration between leadership education and programs; community service and service learning; and community engagement. 

For detailed information about The David and Wanda Brown Center for Leadership and Service and its programs, please click here to visit their website.


The center offers a variety of programs and events to enhance student development and community outreach. Programs can range from one-time events or week-long service trips.

  • Ambassadors: A select group of students that serve to promote the center and its mission on campus.
  • LeadUF: A two and a half-day, overnight retreat that focuses on leadership competencies and gives students a chance to learn and practice leadership in the context of working with others.
  • Florida Alternative Breaks: A student-run organization that sends alternative break trips of 14 students to do community service all across the state, nation and world.
  • Gator Global Initiative: A social impact conference that inspires students to find their passion and create change locally, nationally, and globally.
  • Projects for Peace: Win a $10,000 grant for a project proposal you submit working towards global peace.
  • Days of Service: Days where students can come out and participate in giving back to the community for a few hours of their day.


UF students land two Projects for Peace awards equaling $20K

In conjunction with The David and Wanda Brown Center for Leadership and Service, part of the University of Florida Department of Student Activities and Involvement, two groups of UF students were recently awarded $10,000 each by the philanthropy Projects for Peace to help bring their local and global humanitarian projects to life.

“It’s easy to celebrate good works after they’ve happened, but it takes a great deal more strength to invest in a dream before it’s realized,” said Assistant Alex Tepperman, a graduate assistant at the center tasked with assisting the students in formalizing their projects for submission. “The Davis Foundation is unique in its active empowerment of our remarkable undergraduates’ dreams.”

In economically depressed Pinellas County, Florida, chances to learn and achieve are few and far between, but TEAMS – aka Tarpon Excelling Above Modern Society – aims to change that. Created by UF students and Pinellas County natives Jeanette Misuraca and Djoni Austin in cooperation with Tarpon Springs Citizens Alliance for Progress (CAP), the Boys and Girls Club, Cops and Kids and the Tarpon Spring Recreation Department, the TEAMS program will provide 100 children ages 7 to 13 the opportunity to “discover their life’s passions” during a free, four-week summer art, music and athletics camp. Misuraca and Austin plan to engage students with music and sports, as well as helping them develop understandings of teamwork and leadership.

“There is fulfillment in life when our opportunity and privilege can actively benefit the lives of others,” said Misuraca.

On the other side of the globe, UF students Sulav Shrestha, Mackenzie Shepard and Harsh Patel – under the umbrella of Engineers Without Borders – will be in Khanalthok, Nepal, to help ensure clean, potable water for children, as well as improving hygiene overall. On a spring 2014 trip to the area, the group discovered harmful levels of bacteria in the water, a problem badly exacerbated by earthquakes. To counteract this, Shrestha, Shepard and Patel will set up wash stations and water fountains, as well as male and female latrines, at Shree Janahit Secondary School in cooperation with local craftsmen and contractors. The centerpiece of the Water for Khanalthok project will be a rainwater catchment system at the school, allowing community members to capture thousands of gallons of water to save during times of drought.

 “Everyone on the Engineers Without Borders UF Nepal team has worked very hard to make our project, Water for Khanalthok, possible,” said Shrestha. “Now that we have the support of the Davis Foundation we are ecstatic to see our project come to life and be able to make a difference in the lives of the villagers.” 

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