Get Involved

Get Involved

Involvement 101

WHAT EXACTLY IS INVOLVEMENT? UF students define involvement as out-of-class, active participation that enhances academics through the relationships they build, the communities they serve, the networks they create and the personal skills and knowledge they acquire.

WHY GET INVOLVED? Being involved is the best way to connect to UF, to make new friends, have fun and extend your education beyond what you learn in the classroom. Research has shown that students involved in at least one activity on campus are more likely to have overall success and graduate. 

Students who get involved:

  • Get better grades
  • Develop time management skills and self-discipline
  • Learn how to effectively work in teams
  • Develop leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Meet new people and make life-long friends
  • Make themselves more marketable to internships, jobs and graduate or professional schools


  • Schedule an Individual Involvement Consultation (IIC) with the Involvement Team, SAI's involvement ambassadors. During your consultation, you'll sit down with an iTeam member and have the opportunity to create your own path to involvement. 
  • Check out all your campus resources! Take a First Year Florida class, talk with your Resident Assistant about how to get connected or chat with UF faculty and/or staff. 
  • Attend events on campus such as GatorNightsGatormaniaStudent Organization Fairs, Cultural Welcome Assemblies and many many more to meet new people and discover ways to get #InvolvedUF!

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