20 Tips to Joining a Healthy Organization

20 Tips to Joining a Healthy Organization

University of Florida students define involvement as out of class active participation that enhances academics through the relationships they build, the communities they serve, the networks they create, and the personal skills and knowledge they acquire. The twenty tips below are designed to assist students in recognizing what it means to be part of a healthy organization at the University of Florida.

Click below for a downloadable PDF of our 20 tips to a healthy organization.


Being involved in a healthy organization is an important part of a college education. It is an outstanding way to connect to the university, make new friends, have fun, and maximize what is learned in the classroom. Research has shown that college students that are involved in at least one out of class activity on campus are much more likely to succeed in the classroom, graduate, and be successful beyond college(1). If you are looking to join an organization please visit the Department of Student Activities and Involvement website at If you are currently a member of an organization that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, please email for support.


1 Astin, A. W. (1993). What matters in college? Four critical years revisited. San Francisco:Jossey-Bass.



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