Florida Greek Ambassadors

Florida Greek Ambassadors

Greek Ambassadors 2018


The purpose of the Florida Greek Ambassadors Program is threefold:
  • Serve to promote the core values of social sororities and fraternities at the University of Florida
  • Create positive awareness of the Florida Greek Community through educating current members on relevant issues and community/university policies
  • Inform prospective students, non-affiliated students, parents, faculty/staff, and Gainesville community on the accurate benefits and contributions of sorority and fraternity life

Connect with a Florida Greek Ambassador

Have a question about the Florida Greek community? Our Florida Greek Ambassadors will be happy to connect with you as you navigate your student experience and consider one of our sororities and fraternities.

Questions? Click here to connect with a Florida Greek Ambassador.

Request a Presentation

Would you like for Florida Greek Ambassadors to present to your chapter, class, etc.? Click here to submit your request!

2019 Ambassadors

Juan Baralt Sarah Bowlby
Pietrina Cacioppo Orlando Calas  
Tessa Copeland Adrian Cruz
Caroline Devitt
Savannah Ewers
T'kia Gill
Michael Greenwald
Kayla Griffin
Chad Grodi
Madison Hutt
Derrick Kerr
Sabrina Kim
Nathan Landry
Kioni Mathis
Aviance McKenzie
Alexis Myerback
Alivia Nolan
Ansley Rogale
Janelle Rolle
Grace Self
Colin Smith
Marjorie Stanford

2019 Leadership

Advisor: Reginald Lane, Associate Director, SFA


Advisor: David Rind, Graduate Assistant, SFA


Director of External Affairs: Michael Greenwald

Director of Internal Affairs: Kayla Griffin

Director of Public Relations: Adrian Cruz

Director of Recruitment: Sabrina Kim


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