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Student Organization Advisors

Think of every encounter with students as a learning opportunity.

If you're interested in advising or getting support with your student organization(s), you've come to the right place! How you shape your student encounters will depend on varying factors, including your advising style, your relationship with the students, and your relationship with the organization. Engage, share and utilize the tools and resources provided on this web page to enhance your skills as an advisor.

Got questions? Need advice? Student Activities and Involvement Program Coordinator Solange Douglas is the point of contact for all advisors. Connect with her today: Call (352) 392-1671 or email

Click here to access the 2015-2016 Student Organization Advisor Guidebook!


Advisor Resources

In-Person Resources and Programs

  • Student Organization Advisor Orientation 
    •  SAI hosts a 1.5 hour orientation session to review roles, responsibilities, and general information for student organization advisors. Items covered in Orientation include: 
      • Functions and Expectations
      • General Liability and Risk Management for Advisors
      • Officer Eligibility FAQs
      • Overview of Registration and GatorConnect
      • Overview of Event Planning and Permitting
      • Overview of Funding for Student Organizations
      • AND More!
  • SOAR Sessions
    • SOAR Sessions are theme based workshops designed to engage and inform advisors on topics related to managing and advising student organizations on the University of Florida campus. 
    • For Details for the SOAR Sessions and other resources, please check our website regularly, or view your Monthly Advisor Newsletters for dates and instructions to sign-up for resources and activities
  • Semesterly Roundtables
    • Roundtables are an opportunity to connect with other student organization Advisors, and provide feedback on specific needs for advising student organizations that the Department of Student Activities and Involvement can provide.
  • Involvement Team Workshops 
    • The Involvement Team is SAI's ambassador group that can provide individualized workshops to suit the needs of your Student Organizations. Workshops include:
      • Recruitment Strategies
      • Best Practices for Event Marketing
      • And More!
  • Student Organization Training
    • SAI Provides MANDATORY training for student organization officers, which covers topics like registration, event planning, finance and fundraising, and university policy reviews. Please encourage your students to attend. If interested, advisors may attend any session of student organization training. Please notify your interest to attend a student organization officer training session to Solange Douglas at

Online Resources

  • Ted Ed Training Modules 
    • The Department of Student Activities and Involvement is utilizing TED Ed's lesson plan platform to provide a user-friendly, consistent, accessible, and clean aesthetic to educate, inform, and include ALL student organization advisors in training at the University of Florida
  • Student Organization Advisor Resource (SOAR) e-bank
    • SAI utilizes a Canvas e-learning course to provide and store additional resources for student organization advisors that is accessible year-round. If you are not automatically enrolled in the SOAR e-Bank, please contact Solange Douglas at
  • Monthly Newsletters
    • On the first of every month, student organization Advisors are emailed a Newsletter that details updates from SAI and the University related to student organizations and their advisors, tips and best practices on advising student organizations, and important campus events and opportunities for involvement. 

Interested in Serving as an Advisor?

Requirements to serve: To be a student organization advisor, one must be a full-time, salaried employee at the University of Florida.

If you are interested in serving as a student organization advisor, Student Activities and Involvement can help to match you with a student organization. Please fill out the interest form by clicking here. Be sure to include your areas of interest so that we can attempt to match you with an appropriate student organization.

NOTE: When student organizations are seeking an advisor and do not know where to look, we will direct them to this list, so they may contact you.

Should you have any additional questions about serving as an advisor, please contact Solange Douglas, at

Divisional Resources

In addition to the resources available through Student Activities and Involvement, advisors should also take advantage of the various resources available throughout the Division of Student Affairs.


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