Catering Scholarship Information

Student Organization Catering Scholarship Information


Gator Dining Services (GDS) has generously donated funds to assist student organizations in need of support for serving food at events that are held on campus and that are open to the campus community. A committee made up representatives from Student Activities and Involvement, Student Government, the Dean of Students Office, Business Services, and Gator Dining Services reviews all requests for the Catering Scholarship. Applications are reviewed every other Wednesday during the Fall and Spring semesters, and applicants are notified of the committee’s decision within 24 hours of review.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Events must be open to all UF students.
  2. There cannot be an entry or conference/registration fee for the event.
  3. The event cannot be a general body meeting or a tabling event.
  4. The event cannot be held in a classroom space (food is not permitted in classrooms on campus)

Important Information

  • The typical maximum amount that can be requested for an event is $500.
  • The committee refers to the details you provide about your event in the accompanying permit request, so please provide enough information to make the nature of your event clear.
  • A consideration in determining dollar amounts to be awarded is the anticipated attendance. Generally speaking, the committee works on a budget of $1 per person. Keep in mind that the Catering Scholarship is intended to supplement your funding for an event and will not necessarily provide full funding for your food needs.
  • Each organization will be limited to three (3) awards per semester (regardless of dollar amount awarded).
  • All Catering Scholarship Awards are contingent upon final approval of the event permit. No funds will be released for events that are not approved for a permit.

Application Timeline

Applications for the Catering Scholarship must be received by NOON on the Tuesday prior to a committee meeting (every two weeks) in order to be reviewed in that Wednesday meeting. Applications submitted after noon on Tuesday will be reviewed THE FOLLOWING MEETING - TWO WEEKS.

Please keep in mind that you need to place your order with Gator Dining Services a minimum of seven (7) business days prior to your event if ordering in person. If you are using the on-line system to order from the “Simple Takeaways” menu, your processing time will be slightly less. Keep this timing in mind when submitting your Catering Scholarship request. Also, please be aware that you can submit your order prior to receiving an award. Be sure to consider your existing budget before doing so, as Catering Scholarships are not guaranteed.

Once applications are reviewed during a committee meeting, you will receive an email indicating the decision of the committee. The decision will also be posted to your permit wall in GatorConnect.

How to Apply

Requests for the Catering Scholarship are made by completing the appropriate portion of the online permit application in GatorConnect. Decision notifications will be sent via email to the individual who submits the permit for the event, and will be posted to the permit wall.

If you have any questions, please contact Solange Douglas or Sarah Forron

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