Suspension and Grievances

Suspension and Grievances

An organization's registration may be suspended by Student Activities & Involvement for any one or more of the following reasons:

  • -Violation of University statutes, rules, policies, and procedures, and/or state, federal, or local law.
  • -Failure to pay organization debts owed to the University community.
  • -Disciplinary action adjudicated by the Dean of Students Office.
  • -The national, regional, or state organization revokes organization's charter or denies affiliation.
  • -Non-compliance with organization registration procedures and constitution requirements. (Note: persons listed on the organization's registration form that do not meet the eligibility requirement for leadership accounts for the majority of cancellations. Student Activities and Involvement will periodically run a check on the status of students to verify enrollment).
  • -Falsification of any registration information

Grievance and Review Procedures for Student Organizations

  • -As stated by the Student Conduct Code and Student Honor Code the University of Florida is committed to a policy of treating all members of the University community fairly in regard to their personal and professional concerns.

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