Training and Development

Student Organization Training and Development

Recruitment and Retention

Have a recruitment plan to increase your organization's membership. The Student Organization Fairs held in the Fall, Spring and Summer B semesters are an excellent way to promote your organization to students looking to get involved. In order to retain your members, keep them stimulated through leadership opportunities, create long- and short-term goals, and host retreats and game nights to develop relationships and friendships.

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Student Organization Success Series (SOSS)

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Organization Leadership

Meeting Structure

Your meetings should always include an agenda with what you want to accomplish. This keeps the meeting organized and maintains a clear purpose. Provide an opportunity for your executive members to have input on what is discussed. If an important event is coming up and the event leader would like a longer timeslot, include that in your agenda.

Organizational Management

Good leaders have trust in their executive team and members. Maximize the strength of your team by delegating accordingly. Your members will feel better connected to the organization and each other if given some autonomy. Set expectations early so members can hold one another accountable for their responsibilities.

Relationship with Your Advisor

An advisor is an integral part of every student organization. The role of an advisor is to counsel and serve as a resource for the students and the organization. Your advisor can help develop your organization by being a source of consistency from year to year. Don't consider your advisor as only a signatory of forms, but rather an engaged resource whom you can utilize and rely upon when you need assistance with program planning or troubleshooting.

Transition and Legacy

Every organization goes through a transition period at the beginning and end of each year. To make the transition process run smoothly, it is encourage officers to maintain all materials (electronic and hard copy), provide feedback and hold meetings with the new incoming officers. Transition reports document the officers' legacies and provide a foundation for the new leaders.

Mandatory Training


All student organization presidents and additional member must participate in mandatory in-person training. These dates will be announced at the beginning of the year. You can also receive additional help from the Involvement Team regarding any questions about your student organization.

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