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Student Organization Registration

Student Organization Registration for 2014-2015 is now Closed!

University of Florida is home to more than 975 registered student organizations. Student Activities and Involvement maintains current student organization information through the registration process completed each year. Current and new organizations follow the same registration steps. 

Registration occurs twice annually:

  • April - September for the subsequent fall and spring semesters
  • January 1 - 15 for the spring semester (for inactive organizations or new organizations only)

Benefits of registering a student organization:

  • Regular use of University facilities: buildings, grounds, services (some may have fees for use)
  • Ability to apply for office/cubicle/cabinet/mailbox space in the J. Wayne Reitz Union
  • Ability to request funds from Student Government if SG policies and criteria are met
  • Access to SAI staff and resources
  • Eligible to apply for a Catering Scholarship for events
  • Participation in the Student Organization Fair
  • Group Consultations by Involvement Team
  • Participation in Annual Involvement Awards
  • Leadership training provided by SAI

Registration Steps:

  • Have a minimum of ten members, including a President and Treasurer
  • Have a Student Organization Advisor (Faculty or Professional Staff member)
  • Have a current constitution on file - must meet the University of Florida Constitution Guidelines
  • Complete Officer Training
  • Complete Electronic Registration through Gator Connect.


Starting a new organization?

Before you start your own organization, look through our current organization listing to see if there is an existing organization that is working toward a similar goal and purpose.

Student organizations are an essential part of the University of Florida community and play a vital role in providing important learning opportunities and a rich and diverse campus life experience for UF students.  All student organizations are subject to the rules of the University of Florida including the Student Conduct Code and Academic Honesty Guidelines.  Registered student organizations have access to designated University resources (including possible eligibility for funding, priority use of University facilities, and posting on the Student Activities and Involvement web page) pursuant to applicable University rules, regulations, and guidelines, including the Student Organization Handbook.



Registration FAQ's

How do I know if my organization needs to be registered?

There are two ways to see if your organization needs to be registered.

1.      Is your organization listed in the student organization listing page within Gator Connect (  If it is not listed, it is not an active organization.  Give us a call (352-392-1671) to open up access to register a previous organization, or click “Register a New Organization” to register an organization that is new to the UF campus.

2.      Your organization may be listed but it has an option to “Register this Organization”.  This means that your organization needs to complete the application.  Click the button and follow the prompts to complete your registration.

What if my organization isn’t showing up in the list of organizations? How do I find it?

If you know your organization needs to be registered, but the organization name isn’t showing up, give us a call to open access to the organization.  We keep inactive and locked organizations hidden from view so students do not use outdated contact information for your organizations.  Call our office (352-392-1671) and ask to have your organization’s status be changed so you can complete registration. 

Who can complete the registration application?

Any individual that is logged into Gator Connect has access to register an organization.  Each organization can choose to designate a member or officer to complete the registration.  Whoever submits the registration will automatically become the primary contact in the system and with our office.  This contact person can always be changed at a later date.  If you are concerned that an unauthorized individual is attempting to register your organization, please notify SAI as soon as possible for us to verify the registration application.

What information is needed in order to complete the registration application?

To complete the registration application, you will need to know basic information about your organization (meeting time, location, mission, and purpose), have an electronic copy of the organization’s constitution (if your organization has made any changes since the last registration), and know the UFL email for the organization’s President, Treasurer, and Student Organization Advisor.  You will be asked to enter this information during the registration application.

How long is the review process?

Hopefully quick!  It will take our staff 10-15 business days to review your registration application.  It is reviewed by two sets of staff members in order to make sure everything is good and your organization is set up for success.  If there are any errors with your constitution or registration application, we will deny the submission and send it back with the comments of what to correct.  The quicker you update the corrections, the quicker our staff can get back to reviewing your submission.  Make sure your primary contact is attentive to emails and information coming from Student Activities and Involvement and/or Gator Connect.

What is the advisor verification form?

Included in the registration application is an advisor verification form.  It is the responsibility of the organization to send the link provided to the advisor.  The student organization advisor will complete the form and submit it separately to Student Activities and Involvement.  The registration will not be approved until this form is submitted by the advisor.  If at any time the link needs to be sent again, it can be found in the original registration application under “my involvement” and “submissions”.  It is listed as step 4 in the process.  This will help SAI and student organizations develop better relationships with student organization advisors.

When is training and who has to attend?

Training for all presidents and treasurers will be held in August and September.  Regardless of the length of term, all presidents and treasurers will be required to attend training early in the fall semester.  Dates will be released on or around June 1 and student leaders can begin signing up for sessions at that time.  Information will be posted on the Gator Connect homepage.  Officers will need to attend one session and stay for the entire session in order to receive credit.  There will be information provided for distance students or other students that are unable to attend.  Remember that training is mandatory and must be completed in order to remain registered.  Advisors will be enrolled in a separate training through Sakai.  

My registration was denied, now what?

Review the comments to find out why.  The comments were emailed to you in an email from Gator Connect.  If you can’t find this email, you can also check your submission in the system.  Log into Gator Connect and click on “my involvement” across the top menu.  In the dropdown, click on “submissions” to find your submissions within the system.  Make sure you click on the registrations tab to find your application.  Check the status of your submission.  If it says “denied” or “in process”, you can open your submission and make any updates or corrections on appropriate pages.  Make sure you click on “Submit” once on the summary page.  You can double check the status by reviewing the registration back on the submission menu.  If your submission says “pending”, SAI has your registration submission!

My constitution keeps getting denied, how can I make sure it gets approved this time?

The easiest thing is to review the constitution guidelines (available on the homepage of Gator Connect: and the comments or notes provided to you in the denial message.  Make these changes as quickly as possible and submit an updated constitution by uploading the corrected document in the registration submission.  If you still have questions, make sure to contact our office directly and ask to speak to someone about your constitution.  A staff member will be available to review the constitution over the phone.  Additionally, you can make an appointment to meet with a staff member to review your constitution in person.  This is sometimes faster because it can be resubmitted and approved much quicker.

How do I upload a new version of my constitution?

Make the corrections to your document and save a copy on your laptop or tablet. Log into Gator Connect and click on “my involvement” across the top menu.  In the dropdown, click on “my submissions” to find your submissions within the system.  Make sure you click on the registrations tab to find your application.  Open the submission and click to open Step 3: Constitution Information.  Click on “Browse” and select your document.  Click “Next” to cycle through the rest of your registration pages.  Once you land on the summary page, click the “Submit” button to kick it back to SAI.  You can double check the upload by clicking “next” once and then “previous”.  Your document should be listed.  Make sure you do not use your browser’s back button as this may interfere with the system’s ability to upload your new document.  

How do I know my registration has been approved?

When your registration gets approved, you will receive an automated email from the Gator Connect system.  “Gator Connect” will appear as the sender and the subject line will refer to your registration submission.  Within the email, you will be able to see which staff member approved your registration and any additional comments they have provided.  Once you see that, the system will update automatically, and your organization is registered!

I registered already, but need to change the officers and/or members in my organization.

You are required to update your officers within Gator Connect as soon as they change (elections, vacancies, etc.).  You do not need to contact our office for this process.  The president and treasurer listed within the system have full access to make changes to the roster.  To make changes, click on “Roster” and “Manage Roster”.  From here, the president and treasurer can click to edit the positions on the far right side.  If a position is not visible or the permissions need to be changed, click on “Manage Positions”.  From here, the president and treasurer can add any new positions or change any of the permissions by clicking on the organization.


To add a new member that isn’t on the roster, make sure that person has clicked “join the organization” or has accepted an invitation.

What if I have questions during the process?

You can contact Student Activities and Involvement by emailing or calling 352-392-1671.  Make sure you include your organization’s full name and your name and position within the organization.  Our staff will respond as quickly as possible.

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